Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The Invisible Man: remake will deal with gender violence

Banks will be in charge of this film that will feature a screenplay by ErinCressida Wilson, who wrote the feature film "TheGirlonthe Train" (2016) headed by actress Emily Blunt.

“Invisible Woman” will be the first project for the American actress and director after the new “Charlie’s Angels”, which premiered two weeks ago with Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska as a stellar trio.

Criticisms of "Charlie’s Angels," a tape in which Banks reserved a secondary role, were not particularly enthusiastic and, so far, has raised a mere 43.7 million dollars worldwide.

Universal already premiered in 1940 a movie entitled “The Invisible Woman” that took up the famous theme of invisibility but treated it from comedy, unlike its classic monster tapes that marked a before and after in horror movies.

It is not clear to which genre this new project led by Banks will belong, although Universal has shown in recent years much interest in resuscitating its splendid collection of horror characters and updating it to the new times.

The initial idea of ​​the study was to develop an intertwined cinematic universe with its monsters, in the style of what Disney did successfully with the characters in the Marvel comics.

But that plan went to waste, mainly because of the failure of the film that had to launch this film macroproject: "TheMummy" (2017), a film that starred Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe and had bad reviews in addition to a result disappointing at the box office (410 million dollars).

Then, Universal decided to change its strategy and now bet on individual films that can be attractive beyond that they are integrated into the same story or saga.

There is the new "The Invisible Man", a horror film directed by LeighWhannell and which will premiere on February 28 with Elisabeth Moss as the main figure of her cast.

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